Which new poster is better?

In the end, the Batman poster wins

Both posters get simplistic designs, relying in "a darkish shadowed look," says Laura Vees in Snark Food. Just as The Particular Amazing Spider-Man begins receiving a number of buzz with its new poster, "along arrives Batman for you to steal his thunder."


2. The Particular new Spider-Man poster gets the "same shadowy aesthetic color scheme" as the new Darkish Knight Rises poster, hinting that this new Spider-Man film will tread inside a darker milieu. That Will is probably not a great thing, says Trevor Gentry-Birnbaum from Exactly what Culture. Yet using its broken Batman mask as well as such a haunting tagline, the actual dark Knight Rises poster "grabs you together with shakes you," as the Amazing Spider-Man poster settles for merely becoming "rather cool." Within fact, "you type of need to really feel sorry for Spider-Man," says Simon Brew from Den of Geek. Bane seems to become on a victory march away from any defeated Batman. Batman may not survive


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